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Mind Body Synergy Institute is an authentic Chen Style Tai Chi School. Chen Style Tai Chi is a martial art dating back over 400 years, encompassing sophisticated self defense techniques, health and wellness exercises, as well as meditation for clarity of mind. This complete art-form, unifies and harmonizes the mind body and spirit. This reality inspired the name of our school. 

All classes are taught by Shifu José Figueroa who has direct lineage to the original Chen family, having learned from Master Ren and Chen Xiaowang in Chen Village. We are equipped to teach all people from children to adults. The curriculum incorporates Qi Gong, Forms, and Multiple Weapons.


As I continue expanding my profession as a martial artist while also creating in the film industry, my goal has been to continue pushing the envelope as a teacher who uses several mediums to teach. The themes within Chen Tai Chi (Wude or Martial Ethical Code), Longevity and the ways in which the practice can carry us through the changing seasons and life’s tribulations, as well as the
immeasurable power of human ability, these themes draw my inspiration and are translated through my art and my work. It was my childhood love and passion for the Chinese Martial Arts films of the 1970’s that first drew my inspiration. That inspiration has grown over time with the compendium of releases in the martial arts film industry spanning into the modern day.

For years, I’ve utilized Martial Arts in my work as I pursue methods of practicing Tai Chi as a form of artistic expression and as a special health practice that directly serves to promote healing of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Having practiced Chen Tai Chi for over 3 decades, I have been able to use all of that information to create a curriculum that spans all ages and cultures. I have traveled the world teaching this wonderful martial art that truly transcends many facets of our human condition. 

The art provides for mental clarity and stability, physical rehabilitation / increased physical ability, an increased quality of life, and over all a truly spiritual activation through the unification, coordination and movement of Mind Body and Spirit.

All over the world I have learned and taught people, affecting change and building connections. My goal is to inspire healing and high skill levels among those interested, and I always move to create access for people of color who may not otherwise be able to learn and heal through the martial arts. I have succeeded in a personal mission to find ways to effectively and efficiently teach people of all ages, from children to adults. One of the highest forms of achievement in this art form is a complete sense of balance in mind body and spirit.


For Group and Private Classes or any Questions About Classes, Please Reach Out To José Figueroa Directly.

651-334-0160 or

See Below Fall Class Special.


5-Day Intensive Introductory Martial Arts Workshop

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The Studio


Our school is a welcoming and inclusive space dedicated to the practice of Taijiquan. We offer a range of classes for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced practitioners.


Mind, Body, Synergy Institute

900 West Seventh Street

St. Paul, MN  55102

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